My turn

Doctor’s appoint for me today, second appointment trying to sort out my ADHD. Tomorrow and the next day, more appointments for the boy- a CELF test for speech therapy and a paediatrician’s appointment to try and see what other assessments we can muster before the school year begins again. It’ll be a busy few days.


Everything has changed

We went into JB Hi-Fi to look at covers for the elder girl’s school-provided laptop, and there is a bank of the new TVs- huge flat things, edge-to-edge perfect picture. Corbin stopped in awe. He announced, when he found his voice through the amazement, “Everything in the whole world has changed.” You said it kiddo.

Elder girl said she has to do an “oracy exam” next year. They write a speech about something important to them and then say it in front of the class and some drama experts to be assessed on their public speaking skills. She said she has chosen to do a speech about Corbin. I am very proud of her and the depth of love and protectiveness she feels for him.